The Blacksmith

A Character Concept

Character Design

The Design and Development of the Main Protagonist ‘T’saki’ a Native African Blacksmith .

Character Design Sheet

Character Design Sheet

Development Sheets


Abandoned at birth, for the skin condition, she was discovered on the water banks of a nearby village. Raised by the village shaman, she was taught the gifts of elemental manipulation.

Now a grown women, her people fear her for the marks on her face, but her gifts make her a vital part of the tribe.

Will she ever find acceptance, or is the worth of a person really only skin deep?

Character Illustration

Illustration Process

Weapon Prop Design

The Design and Development of the Main Protagonist’s Dagger and Hammer/Staff

Dagger Heirloom

Crafted originally by her teacher as a long sword, this blade was damaged in a conflict between her tribe and another, resulting in the death of her teacher.

With the damaged blade, she used the sacred stones of her craft to bind the pieces together, turning the long-sword into a dagger.

Elemental Staff Design

Designed to serve as both a staff and a blunt-force weapon, this staff utilizes a magical element to manipulate the stones it contacts to craft either singular large mass/hammerlike head, or to use each stone as a mass of its own. The form of the hammer can be manipulated by the element depending on what the character wishes.

Environment Art

The Design and Development of the Main Protagonist’s Cave Entrance

Hidden behind the waterfall is the cave where all of her craft takes place.